“THINK FAST” is a springboard for:


SARA BETTER THINK FAST, a light-hearted series in 5-minute webisodes.

“Day one of her start-up, Talent Scout Sara Wagner wakes with a
helluva headache:  did she really just quit on her boss, her assistant,
and the town’s top agency in a fit of principle — and then steal their client?!
Uh, yeah. She did. And that’s just the beginning…”

CRISIS CENTER, a premise and pilot for a one-hour drama series.

“When a female Sports Agent and a Financial Felon (posing
as a crisis counselor) are locked in an edgy triangle with a
Runaway Girl, their worlds collide inside the rehabbed
Venice building holding her start-up Agency on the top floor
and his alternative Hotline Center on the ground.”

THINK FAST, a premise for a feature film.

“When a type-A Sports Agent tries to save her job on an
impossible deadline from her duplicitous Mentor, she’s
detoured by answering a wrong-number suicide call — and
when a passionate Hotline Counselor gets involved, their
intense battle of wills over the desperate Runaway Girl is
waged across one brutal night.”

For further information, please email us at info@thinkfastfilm.com